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Cosmetic Dentistry in Duncan

Cosmetic Dentistry Near You

At Cowichan Valley Dental, we offer cosmetic dentistry in Duncan to help you feel and look your best. By offering cosmetic dentistry near you, we hope to help each patient achieve a beautiful smile. Our cosmetic dentist in Duncan believes in crafting smiles that are not only beautiful but fit your facial profile and enhance your unique features, accentuating your natural beauty.

Our cosmetic dentist near you takes time to discuss all of your concerns and smile goals to develop a personalized treatment plan that will help you achieve your dream smile. Schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist near you if you’re looking for a practice that offers cosmetic dentistry in Duncan.

Smile Design

When it comes to our services in cosmetic dentistry near you, our goal is to ensure every patient is satisfied with their smile. After a thorough discussion of all your concerns, our cosmetic dentist in Duncan will develop a plan to transform the appearance of your smile while improving its functionality through a combination of treatments in cosmetic dentistry near you.

cosmetic dentistry in duncan
cosmetic dentistry near you

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion provides a non-invasive and painless option used by our cosmetic dentist in Duncan to treat minimal tooth decay, remove old fillings, and prepare for bonding or sealants. The process is quick and minimizes the need for dental drills. Instead, a stream of aluminum oxide, silica, or baking soda mixture will be sprayed onto the tooth by our cosmetic dentist near you to remove the particles. Air abrasion functions as both preventative and cosmetic dentistry in Duncan, because it improves the appearance of your smile while protecting your oral health. A lot of patients opt for air abrasion when choosing cosmetic dentistry in Duncan because of its minimally-invasive and effective nature.