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Restorative Dentistry in Duncan

Restorative Dentistry Near You

We offer restorative dentistry in Duncan to restore the functionality of your teeth. Damaged or missing teeth can negatively impact your quality of life and your oral health. They can cause difficulties in eating, chewing, and speaking, as well as lower your self-confidence and make you hide your smile. We provide various restorative dental treatments to help you regain confidence in your smile. If you’re looking for a practice that offers restorative dentistry near you, look no further. Contact our team of dedicated dental professionals at Cowichan Valley Dental today!

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a versatile dental treatment that can restore teeth that have been damaged, chipped, discoloured, or weakened from root canal treatment. They are matched to the colour of your teeth to seamlessly blend into your smile and will provide your tooth with extra support and protection. Dental crowns are custom-made by our dentist to match your surrounding natural teeth, so only you and your dentist will know that you have this dental restoration.

restorative dentistry in duncan
restorative dentistry near you

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, it is likely that you will want to get them replaced with an excellent, natural-looking dental restoration. Dental implants are considered by many dental professionals to be the golden standard for tooth replacement, and as such, dental implants are an ideal option to replace missing teeth. These dental restorations are durable, long-lasting, and will feel very similar to your natural teeth. Dental implants are made up of three distinct parts: an implant post, abutment, and dental crown. The implant post is inserted into your jawbone to encourage the healthy development of bone, and the abutment connects the dental crown to the implant post. Together, these parts work to permanently replace your tooth and tooth root, restoring your confidence in eating, smiling, and speaking.