Protect Your Child’s Oral Health with These Tips

protect your child's oral health with these tips

As parents, it is only natural to want the best for our children. This includes teaching them healthy habits when it comes to their oral health. It is important that kids know the importance of oral hygiene for their overall well-being.

As a new parent, you may be struggling to determine where to start when it comes to teaching your child about oral hygiene. Don’t fret- in this post, our team at Cowichan Valley Dental Health & Implant Centre provides you with tips for ensuring your child maintains excellent oral health for a lifetime.

#1 Instill Good Oral Hygiene Habits From a Young Age

If you have a newborn child or a young infant, you may believe that your child is too young to begin practicing oral hygiene. However, you must start cleaning your baby’s mouth as soon as possible. Start by using a warm washcloth to gently clean your infant’s gums after feeding.

As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, you can begin brushing twice a day. Use child-friendly fluoride toothpaste to gently brush the tooth. Starting this early on will teach your child to treat oral hygiene as a regular part of their day.

#2 Visit Your Family Dentist

As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, you should book an appointment with your family dentist in Duncan. During this appointment, dentist will spend time examining your child’s mouth in detail. They will look for signs of gum disease and ensure that your child’s teeth and jaw are developing correctly. Additionally, a good dentist near you will spend time speaking to your child about good oral hygiene practices and teaching them how to take care of their teeth.

#3 Help Your Child Maintain a Healthy Diet

A dentist in Duncan will remind you that a big part of maintaining excellent oral health is sticking to a well-balanced diet that is plentiful in fruits and vegetables and low in sugar. Try to limit your child’s intake of sugary fruit juices and sticky, sweet candies and desserts. Instead, encourage them to snack on cheese, fruit, and vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes to promote good oral health.

#4 Make Brushing and Flossing Fun

Some children need a little extra encouragement to maintain their oral hygiene routines. Try to make their routine more fun by offering them a reward when they are finished, such as an extra bedtime story or a new toothbrush. Additionally, since your child needs to brush for at least two minutes each morning and evening, you can help them stick to this time by playing one of their favorite songs while they brush their pearly whites. You can even brush at the same time as them and have a dance party together!

#5 Set a Good Example

Our children learn a lot from how we act and approach certain situations. It is important to show your child that you take your oral health seriously. Before taking them to see a family dentist near you, take them with you to one of your dental exams. They can see how simple the appointment is and feel comforted by the fact that you are calm and happy throughout the visit.

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If you would like to learn more about taking care of your child’s oral health, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are happy to help you and your child maintain excellent oral health for years to come.